FALL/WINTER 2017/2018
Sport is no longer just about keeping fit. It’s a way of life, a religion and an addiction. It takes discipline and willpower, and in return comes focus and balance. In the gym, there is no opponent, no competition – there is only you. To succeed, you have to fight. To discover what you’re truly made of, you must push yourself to breaking point and beyond. The gym is no longer a playground; it’s a battleground.
Plein Sport represents the first ever luxury active sportswear brand. A new collection that brings together men’s and women’s active sportswear in one single show of force. On a racetrack-cum-runway, to the sound of a live motivational speaker, a mixed cast of models, boxers and workout obsessives stomp by in the Fall/Winter 2017/2018 collection, while parkour runners – including world champion Ryan Doyle – perform daring stunts.